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Hello! Welcome to Tara Lila LLC's home on the Web. This page is a good place to start to learn a bit about us and to familiarize yourself with this site. News and info pertaining to events like Tara Lila's annual Snowshoe Celebration are posted in the sidebar (left) and announcements are posted below. Scroll down the page for an introduction to Tara Lila. 

News Flash: We are gearing up for Snowshoe Celebration 5!!! The Fifth Aniversary of the Fantastic FREE Family Frolic which is - fortuitously - in February!! Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016 to be exact. 

What's New Along The Trail

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Sunset over Mud Creek at Tara Lila's Three Lake's Unit.  The Mud Creek Bridge along the Three Eagle Trail is host to spectacular views year round.   

Thanks for Making Snowshoe Celebration III The Best Yet 


Snowshoe Celebration 3 turned out to be our most sucessful event yet. First, An estimated 175 snowshoers turned out to enjoy the festivities. Snowshoe events in 2012 and 2013 turned out an estimated 125 and 80 'shoers respectively. ( 2013 turnout was affected by sub-zero wind chills.) Second, we saw many return guests. A number of the repeat attendees came from out of state and from throughout Wisconsin. We now have a base of 'shoers that we are confident will return for future events. Finally, unsolicited donations for both the Northwoods Children's Museum and the Three Eagle Trail Foundation were generous. That tells us that people are thankful for the event and wis to see it continue. And Tara Lila is more than happy to oblige.

We are thrilled to report that the winner of a brand new pair of top notch women's snowshoes was a Polish-American woman from Chicago (Westchester) that attended last year's event with her sister and several children. This year Monika Wiktorzak, her sister, and a passel of youngsters came back to Tara Lila for more winter goodness. This time she brought…wait….another sister. The contingent nearly wiped out Forever Young's demo snowshoe inventory.

The new luminaries for the candlelight snowshoe were a hit. Made out of ice, they require vitually no cleanup. There was some confusion about the timing of the luminary walk and we apologize for that. We simply wait for it to be dark enough to make it worth lighting the candles. Regardless, it was standing room only at the remote fire. 

Although we were very happy with how things turned out we did observe opportunities for improvement in virtually every aspect of Snowshoe Celebration. We want to grow and to improve - but we want to do it in a way that doesn't lose that close-knit, small event experience. 

2014 to Bring Improvements to Lincoln and Three Lakes Units  


Many people have been enjoying snowshoeing the A-My-Tab-Ha and Medicine Trails at Tara Lila's Lincoln Unit.  The most popular treks involve doing both trails in a large loop or shoeing a trail individually back and forth. It seems that a real opportunity is being missed in the lack of use seen by that giant trail in the middle - better known as the Three Eagle Trail. In addition, there is a beautiful, new 660' boardwalk to 'shoe that seldom is used in the winter. In order to create more variety for trail users we will be opening up various trail segments between Tara Lila's trails and the Three Eagle Trail. In addition, we will be adding length to both A-My-Tab-Ha and Medicine trails.In 2014-2015 snowshoe season we will start grooming a snowshoe path on the Three Eagle Trail through Tara Lila Lincoln to encourage it's use. 

Tara Lila trails in both units will benifit from additional rustic boardwalk in the wetter areas. The Medicine trail will be the first to benefit as the bog near the "Rocks" as well as the cedar swamp can get a bit "mushy". We will also be working on our trail markers. We were new to this when we started and did not account for the tree growth that is destroying some of our trail markers. 


 Introducing Tara Lila

What is Tara Lila LLC ? We are a small, family-owned company operating in the borderlands between Vilas and Oneida Counties in Northeastern Wisconsin's scenic Northwoods. 

With help from our friends, we are active in the develpment of public-access recreational trails on several woodland parcels we own in the townships of Lincoln, Three Lakes, and Sugar Camp.

The original idea for Tara Lila was to take land we had purchased for conservancy, build low-impact trails on that land, and open the trails to public access. In the process of that we found ourselves involved in a number of things. A partial list  would include the following activities: 


Snowshoeing Green Tara Trail at Tara Lila's Three Lakes Unit

  • Purchasing/holding woodland acreage for long term conservancy 
  • Opening our lands to public access through the creation of wilderness/snowshoe trail systems
  • Working with regional trail groups to promote, develop and preserve silent sport trail infrastructure 
  • Creating events like Snowshoe Celebration which publicize Tara Lila and create a draw for the area's tourism based economy
  • Supporting area non-profits directly or through creative multi-target matching grants 

Great. We're Interested In Visiting Tara Lila and Enjoying The Trails. Can You Tell Us More About That? 


To date, all of our wilderness/snowshoe trail development has been adjcent to and accessible from the Three Eagle Trail - the area's premiere bicycle-pedestrian trail between the sities of Eagle River and Three Lake. Our two existing trails - the Green Tara and White Tara Trails can be accessed from the Three Eagle Trail's Sundstein Road Trail head approximately 5 miles south of Eagle River. The two trails are open year round for hiking, snowshoeing, and back-country skiing.

More information about the Green and White Tara Trails including trail maps -can be found here on our Trails Page. We welcome you to discover one of Eagle River's best kept secrets.  

These are rustic wilderness trails and you are using our facilities at your own risk. To help assure your safety and enjoyment we ask that you take some time to become familiar with our Park Rules.

For directions to Tara Lila, please see our Getting Here page. 

Groups Welcome - Plan Your Next Snowshoe Outing At Tara Lila

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