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Hello! Welcome to Tara Lila LLC's home on the Web. This page is a good place to start to learn a bit about us and to familiarize yourself with this site. News and info pertaining to events like Tara Lila's annual Snowshoe Celebration are posted in the sidebar (left) and announcements are posted below. Scroll down the page for an introduction to Tara Lila. 

News Flash: Construction is starting on our Ripco Road Unit maintenance building. This is the 1st big step toward the opening of our third, final, and largest conservancy park unit in the Eagle River area. Opening in Winter 2017, the 750+ acre unit will offer Fat Tire bike recreation in addition to our typical rustic hiking and snowshoe trails.

Snowshoe Celebration 5 Draws A Record 225 ‘Shoers To Tara Lila’s Section 9 Road Park

Thank you to all of our partners including Riverestone and Soda Pops Restaurants, The Hiker Box, Walkabout, Forever Young Bike and Ski, Northwoods Childrens Museum, Three Eagle Trail Foundation, and Great Headwaters Trails. And a big “thank you” to all of our SUPER volunteers and attendees!!! 

The beauty, the weather, the goodwill, the food, the expressions of joy and gratitude - it was a rare day that those of us at Tara Lila will look back on for a long time. Or until Snowshoe Celebratio 6 at the very least….

Stay tuned (and patient) for a recap and some interesting statistics from our annual snowshoe event. 

Even though Snowshoe Celebration 5 is in the history book event posters are still available for download on the Snowshoe Celebration page.

Only The Names Have Changed - The Peace and Beauty Remain the Same

Tara Lila’s 3 Conservancy Park Units have new names. They were formerly named for the townships that contained the bulk of each unit’s acreage. This could lead to some confusion. For instance, the parking lot of the FORMER Three Lakes Unit is actually in Sugar Camp and is closer to the city of Eagle River than the city of Three Lake. So we have officially named the park units based on the address of the main entrance. 

Sundstein Road Unit - Former Three Lakes Unit

Section 9 Road Unit - Former Lincoln Unit

Ripco Road Unit - Former Sugar Camp Unit

We are still updating documentation - including this site. Please pardon our progress as we catch up. Thank You! 

What's New Along The Trail

New TL Sec 9 Selter w Arlo

2015 has been a big year for improvements at Tara Lila. Arlo the Dog is literally jumping for joy over the new all-season picnic shelter at our Section 9 Rd (formerly Lincon) Park Unit. There is a similar new shelter at the Sundstein Rd (formerly Three Lakes) Unit in the “Kliss Field” near Three Eagle mile marker 8. 

2015 to Brings New Shelters, Maintenance Buildings, Trails, and New Names to Tara Lilas 3 Park Units. Fat Tire Trails Coming in '17  

Many people have been enjoying snowshoeing the A-My-Tab-Ha and Medicine Trails at Tara Lila's Lincoln Unit.  The most popular treks involve doing both trails in a large loop or shoeing a trail individually back and forth. It seems that a real opportunity is being missed in the lack of use seen by that giant trail in the middle - better known as the Three Eagle Trail. In addition, there is a beautiful, new 660' boardwalk to 'shoe that seldom is used in the winter. In order to create more variety for trail users we will be opening up various trail segments between Tara Lila's trails and the Three Eagle Trail. In addition, we will be adding length to both A-My-Tab-Ha and Medicine trails.In 2014-2015 snowshoe season we will start grooming a snowshoe path on the Three Eagle Trail through Tara Lila Lincoln to encourage it's use. 

Tara Lila trails in both units will benifit from additional rustic boardwalk in the wetter areas. The Medicine trail will be the first to benefit as the bog near the "Rocks" as well as the cedar swamp can get a bit "mushy". We will also be working on our trail markers. We were new to this when we started and did not account for the tree growth that is destroying some of our trail markers. 

Thanks for Making Snowshoe Celebration IV The Best Yet
Fifth Aniversary to Feature More Impovements 


Yes. I just changed the III in the main title into a IV. But I should be able to do that every year if we continue to refine and improve our defining annual event. Although our numbers ended up being similar to SC III, I believe we were able to do a better job attracting our favorite demographic - families with children.  

Our food situation was much better as well. Thanks to YOUR generous donations - and hungry tummies - we were able to raise some dough for three of our favorite local non-profits. The Three Eagle Trail Foundation, Great Headwaters Trails, and Northwoods Childrens Museum split the take. With Tara Lila donating the chow and doubling the final count, eagh organization raised about $350.

The luminary walk was a HUGE success. The new LED luminaries were awesome. For SC V we will be using the Medicine Trail to access the Cut Trail up to the same remote fire spot on A-My-Tab-Ha. The route will be slightly longer but will be more in the woods.  We are really excited about it. The luminary walk will start earlier on Feb. 6. But we would like people finishing (not starting) their luminary experience at 8PM. (We still have to clean up after everyone goes.) Also - we will open SC V 2 hours later than usual - at Noon. 

The whole food/fundraising model will ramain in effect for our glorious FIFTH anniversary. The same non-profits have agreed to participate. (Thank You!) The one thing that will change is that - hopefully - we will do a better job of estimating the amount of food we need. Tara Lila’s Amy Jo spent Super Bowl Sunday ’15 dealing with a humungous amount of leftovers. Our assesment was that the burgers were great. The veggie offering needed improvement. Maybe Tree Huggers Organics has some ideas? The hot dogs - “Vienna” style - are not our favorites. We are thinking about something like stadium dogs for SC V. The chili was very good - yet we missed Dan Anderson’s (Eagle River DQ) chilli.  In general, Oneida Village did a bang up job giving us what we asked for. We have no qualms about recommending their catering services. Yet we may spread things out and alternate an Eagle River based vendor for SC V. Great family friendly fun food is the goal. You can burn off the calories on the trail

The shelter situation was vastly improved by our acquisition of 2 10x20 fully covered shelters. For SC V we will have the new Section 9 picnic shelter AND the newdrum rollSection Nine Tara Lila Maintenance Building. (More on that later.) Feb. 6, 2016 will be a new moon. Thats great for the luminary walk but not so great for serving/eating food and other activities. We will have LED lighting so that food service can continue throughout the luminary walk.

We did pretty well having demo shoes for people at the last event. For Snowshoe Celebration V we will feature our truly local vendors helping with ’shoes. We are hoping to have Hiker Box, Forever Young, and Walkabout on hand helping with demo shoes and basic instruction. For those wishing to rent snowshoes for the event - we will have that info on our snowshoe page and on Facebook.

In summary - last year was great but, as always, we hope to make SC V the best Snowshoe Celebration yet! Please join us!! (And think snow!!!)



 Introducing Tara Lila

What is Tara Lila LLC ? We are a small, family-owned company operating in the borderlands between Vilas and Oneida Counties in Northeastern Wisconsin's scenic Northwoods. 

With help from our friends, we are active in the develpment of public-access recreational trails on several woodland parcels we own in the townships of Lincoln, Three Lakes, and Sugar Camp.

The original idea for Tara Lila was to take land we had purchased for conservancy, build low-impact trails on that land, and open the trails to public access. In the process of that we found ourselves involved in a number of things. A partial list  would include the following activities: 


Snowshoeing Green Tara Trail at Tara Lila's Three Lakes Unit

  • Purchasing/holding woodland acreage for long term conservancy 
  • Opening our lands to public access through the creation of wilderness/snowshoe trail systems
  • Working with regional trail groups to promote, develop and preserve silent sport trail infrastructure 
  • Creating events like Snowshoe Celebration which publicize Tara Lila and create a draw for the area's tourism based economy
  • Supporting area non-profits directly or through creative multi-target matching grants 

Great. We're Interested In Visiting Tara Lila and Enjoying The Trails. Can You Tell Us More About That? 


To date, all of our wilderness/snowshoe trail development has been adjcent to and accessible from the Three Eagle Trail - the area's premiere bicycle-pedestrian trail between the sities of Eagle River and Three Lake. 

More information about our trails including trail maps -can be found here on our Trails Page. We welcome you to discover one of Eagle River's best kept secrets.  

These are rustic wilderness trails and you are using our facilities at your own risk. To help assure your safety and enjoyment we ask that you take some time to become familiar with our Park Rules.

For directions to Tara Lila, please see our Getting Here page. 

Groups Welcome - Plan Your Next Snowshoe Outing At Tara Lila

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